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Nayachi Fish Catching:

After Midnight seven to eight persons go to deep sea approximately 20 kms by manually rafting boats and drop their fishing net in deep sea, after three hours waiting they take back the fish net along with fish.

Valeechi Fish Catching:

Two hours before sunset they go in deep sea and after sunset they keep two hours fishing net in sea and then withdraw with fish and come back to port.

Jotachi Fish Catching:

To catch fish which is in big group travelling in sea water, fisher men drop their net on the fish and catch the fish.

Budich Fish Catching:

In sea water fishermen keep their fishing net vertically with help of woodenstick and flag to identify by other fisheries boat and withdraw the net on second day along with fish.

Hook Fish Catching:

This is done by single fisherman. Hook with fish food when the strings attach to stick, thrown in sea from land or boat and wait to catch the fish. Fish rises up to eat the food, the hook gets stuck in fish mouth and the fish is caught.

Small Long Boat Fishing:

Small boat approximately 28 feet long 5 feet wide and 3 feet height boat made with fibre. (Composite Material) with outboard engine. It catches fish in 50 feet deep sea water by using a net.

Trawler Fishing:

This is big Ship with Diesel engine similar to bus. It is operated by 7 to 8 persons with mechanically dropping and withdraws net system on ship. The fish net is big size 30 feet wide 100 feet in length. Ship has cold storage on. Normally they go in deep sea area and come back after 4 days.

Rapan Fishing:

It is a traditional form of fishing with fisher man group (30 or more) and carried out manually on sea shore. They drop fishing net in the sea by boat and pull the net from seashore manually. It takes about three hours.

Yend Fishing:

Normally it is done in back water/ Sea Water. Fishing net is attached to 10 feet wooden stick and two persons pull the net from deep water on to the beach side.

Shendich Fishing(Pagane):

This is done by one man throwing round fishing net in water from boat or Standing in three feet water. It needs special skill to throw the net in big round shape. Then the net is pulled with the catch.

Purse Seine Net Fishing:

It is a modern system of fishing. This fishing net has small pitch (15 MM) and length of net is very long from 1km to 6 km. It is catching both large and even tiny fishes including plankton. This type of fishing is carried out by huge trawlers.

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