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Taste that reminds you, of us.

Malvani Cuisine is one the most delicious cuisines you could come across in India. Kokani cuisine is unique. One difference between Malvani cuisine and other Indian cuisine is that Malvani cuisine tends to contain few rare elements.

Malvani food traditionally and historically tends to have a lot of seafood in addition to Indian based seasonings. The use of coconut in food is also popular, giving Malvani cuisine a characteristic taste. Kokani cuisine is one of the most delicious cuisines in India. It has perhaps the most unique of all dishes, with a variety of them being cooked from coconut, fish and vegetables. A combination of these is sometimes used in order to produce unique dishes, and certainly, Malvani cuisine does have unique dishes


Dwarka serves authentic Malvani Cuisines in Malvani style.

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